Aluminum, Fiberglass and Steel Truck

Altec has been building truck bodies for more than 85 years, and offers the most innovative and dependable bodies in the industry. Altec bodies are built using advanced engineering, technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. And, unlike the competition, Altec Bodies can be designed to your exact specifications. Because we offer all three industry materials: aluminum, fiberglass and steel, we don’t have a bias. Whether it’s lightweight, cost-efficient or corrosion-resistant, Altec offers and recommends the best material to fit your needs. Altec also provides body only mounts.

Why an Altec Body?

Innovation is evident in Altec’s Bodies Division. A truck-mounted body – whether it is a service, utility, or tree care body – is only as good as the sum of its parts. That’s why Altec puts more time, resources, engineering and expertise into developing Bodies than any other manufacturer in the industry. From design to fabrication, Altec is building the highest quality, most dependable bodies to meet customer demands.

  • 100% stainless steel latches
  • All-weather gas prop with dampener
  • B-Line channel on shelving for infinite adjustment
  • 22 Altec Service Centers located throughout the United States and Canada
  • 100+ Mobile Service Technicians
  • Manufactured by certified welders for optimum quality

Corrosion-Resistant Options

In addition to Fiberglass and Aluminum, Altec Steel Bodies are built with a smooth galvannealed floor and tailshelf, which offer improved resistance against corrosion and better ability to paint, weld and form. The galvanneal surface is coasted in a non-skid paint and provides the same anti-slip as tread plate, with greater corrosion protection. Altec also offers "ICE Package," which uses stainless steel to provide an extra shield against corrosion. 

Customized Bodies

At Altec, we believe a better body starts from the ground up. We offer options that go beyond the standard, so you can truly find a solution to work for your specific needs. You can even work directly with a design engineer and see your body created in 3D, so you know what you're getting before it's delivered.

ProTEC® Paint Systems

Altec uses advanced paint techniques and systems to deliver a top quality automotive finish. Our custom, multi-step prime coat process and top coat provides extradinary protection from the elements - all done in-house before your body sees daylight.

Fiberglass Bodies

Patented, integrated core material makes Altec fiberglass bodies the lightest and strongest in the marketplace. Industry-leading support, warranty and manufacturing processes result in a product you can trust.


Integrated, lightweight composite core material manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam and fiberglass offers superior strength, increased payload and fuel-efficiency.


Large, heavy-duty six-point hinges are secure and applied with a blind fastener, which eliminates leak points in the outer shell of the body.


A double-bolted locking cylinder and molded gasket seal prevents any water intrusion. Altec fiberglass bodies come standard with 100% stainless steel latches that are both waterproof and rust-free. A visual latch indicator shows if the door is not securely closed.


Heavy-duty, double-panel doors are secure and feature a watertight, double bulb seal for ultimate protection from the elements.

Aluminum Bodies

Altec Aluminum Bodies are corrosion-resistant and improve payload, while increasing lifespan and resale value. Aluminum is up to 45% lighter than steel and results in an approximate 10% fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Benefits of Aluminum Bodies:

  • Seamless design easily accepts a variety of paint finishes.
  • Aluminum offers a choice to step down to a decreased Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) chassis.
  • Aluminum is offered on standard service bodies, utility line bodies, flatbeds, enclosed service bodies, and accessories.
  • Altec Aluminum Bodies are made of 65% recycled material.

Steel Bodies

Altec has been manufacturing Steel Bodies since 1929, so we know you want a heavy-duty, built-to-last truck body that works for you. That’s our standard, and it has made us the leading producer of utility line bodies. We are proud to say the utility industry prefers Altec Bodies over any other, and we intend to keep it that way.

Every heavy-duty steel body comes standard with the following premium features:

  • Heavy-gauge welded steel frame construction.
  • Master locking system.
  • Integrated header drip rail and drip molding on leading edge of all doors.
  • Unpainted galvanized drawers, featuring 250 lb drawer slides.