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Argo American is the premier innovation firm focused on servicing and empowering the Nations of the Caribbean with critical infrastructure equipment, services and technology.


Argo American

Argo American began serving customers in the early 1970’s with a vision of offering an unparalleled level of reliability, flexibility, and customer service within the Utility Services, Fleet Maintenance, Airport Equipment, Ground Support, and Freight Forwarding Industry. Over that time, we have formed many long-term collaborative partnerships with our customers requiring creative solutions, on-time service, and proactive communications. Ultimately, we believe our vision has been achieved. Now is the time to begin creating a new vision; one that produces even greater opportunities for our associates, employees, and most importantly, our customers.

Argo American is a privately held company based in South Eastern Florida. Our foundations are built upon the flexibility to get the customer needs met, an ability to customize services, and a mandate for building a deep understanding of our markets. We strive for the highest levels of excellence in all that we do.

Argo American is grateful for the loyalty and friendship earned over the long and interesting history we have served the great Nations of the Caribbean. We are confident that Argo American will continue to build upon our company's relationships and exceed our customers expectations as we move forward together.

Our Executive Team:

Carl H. Asplundh III, President & CEO, Argo American LLC

Robert E. Ellis III, Managing Director & EVP, Argo American LLC

Argo D. Karallus, Executive Adviser (Founder), Argo American LLC

Michele R. da Silva, General Manager, Argo American LLC



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Argo American is constantly striving to raise the bar. Our powerful and compact Argo Model does just that!

Inspired by the specific needs of our customers in the Caribbean to build a small robust tactical first responder unit, our team at Argo American and Altec listened carefully to their input and went to work. The result is a winning piece of equipment designed for high productivity and low maintenance costs.

The Argo Model is firmly based on the Altec built-tough production principles of its big brothers in the product line, so it features all you have come to expect from Altec in a compact unit. There’s no doubt it will continue the proud Altec tradition of toughness, durability and overall versatility. All of this in a unit designed to maneuver in small spaces and tight spots.


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