Lentry® Power and Light Systems are self-contained: they include high generators (and their international equivalents). There are no batteries to charge with Lentry Systems, and no cords to run long distances. Lentry Systems run quietly, lighting large areas for hours and hours on a tank of fuel; if more hours are needed, just (check the oil and) add more fuel.

All-Terrain, Portable Solutions for Lighting. Lentry®. Lentry® Portable Lighting Systems are bright, mobile, self-contained telescopic units that light large areas for hours at a time regardless of the terrain. These light towers provide light, temporarily or long-term, and power to those who work outdoors at night, including those in emergency response, law enforcement, construction, public works, rail...


All-Terrain Ventilation Fans

All-Terrain Emergency Scene Lighting

Lentry Portable Lights


Lentry Light 

It is light weight, easy to store, easy to operate, and provides bright light for a long time (7 hours before adding fuel!).


Portable Solutions

Lentry Light (model 1SPECX) shown with its legs and light at various stages of extension. The value and versatility of these all-terrain light and power units are best witnessed first-hand.


Ventry® Electric Positive Pressure Ventilation/Attack Fan


Electric PPV Fan

The Ventry® Electric Positive Pressure Fan, for positive pressure attack and ventilation (PPA and PPV) and other commercial and industrial ventilation uses, is 15 Amp, variable speed, and GFCI-safe. Built rugged and strong but not bulky, the fan weighs less than 80 pounds, fits in a small storage space, and moves an impressive 10,500 CFM (17,837 m3/hr).