Altec Specialty Products

Altec offers a broad line of specialty equipment to support unique applications in the electric utility transmission/distribution and telecommunications markets. Whether you are delivering materials to the job site, digging footings, setting steel poles, installing/replacing conductors, or protecting power lines from contaminated insulators, Altec has the equipment you need to get the job done. For more information, select the product family and model that fits your application and specifications


Altec Ground Rod Driver

The G-10 mounting is offset to the curd side of the truck, providing excellent bed space and accessibility to roadside poles. The telescopic/rotating turntable minimizes set-up time.

Altec Insulator Washers

Altec is the world's foremost manufacturer of Hot Line Insulator Washers. Altec washers are in use in over 30 countries and work in the hardest environment from the Saudi heat to the North Slope cold. Whatever the application or work practice, Altec offers a wide variety of insulator washing solutions to maintain a reliable electrical infrastructure.  



Pressure Diggers

Altec's lineup of Pressure Diggers are the ideal machines for production digging. The HD35A is available with digging depths raging from 10-30 ft, and is capable of easily driving augers up to 72" in diameter. The unique inertia drive system, and fast set-up of Altec Pressure Diggers deliver maximum productivity in a wide variety of applications and ground conditions.