E-ONE offers four custom chassis – the Quest®, Cyclone®, Typhoon® and the HS. Whichever E-ONE cab you choose, you can have confidence that it is designed with a structural cage that provides maximum protection and comfort for you and your firefighters. Structural extrusions including sub-frames, a full flange wishbone frame rail, center uprights, and crossbeam extrusions are engineered for optimum performance. Horizontal and vertical supports handle severe vertical loads, which can occur in accidents. The perimeter skin material is made of 3/16” aluminum alloy sheet for extra toughness.


The unique E-ONE HS chassis removes the engine from the cab to provide more room in the front and back for personnel, endless storage options, and industry-leading audible and visual communication. Utilizing a rear-engine concept originally launched decades ago with the Hush® by E-ONE, the engine in the HS is located at the rear of the truck – but that’s the only similarity to the original Hush.


The Cyclone cab offers four cab lengths, 2 to 4 doors, multiple seating configurations and various internal storage options. Cyclone cabs are also available with command cabs, enclosed top-mount cabs, walk-through cabs, and low travel height aerial cabs. This custom cab also offers numerous ALS compartment layouts, barrier doors, bumper options and lighting packages. Whether it’s a 10.25” c-channel frame pumper or the exclusive integral torque box chassis, the Cyclone offers one of the best handling chassis in the industry. The Cyclone is available in four cab lengths – 44.5”, 58”, 67.5” or 80” – and three vista roof heights – 12” 16” or 20”.



The Quest® cab is designed to be stronger, more spacious, comfortable and user-friendly with an expansive front windshield for increased visibility. The power mirrors, windows, locks and pedals add comfort and flush doors for improved ergonomics.  From the tread plate aluminum roof to the extruded lattice sub frame, the E-ONE Quest has been engineered to bet the new benchmark in custom chassis construction. The Quest offers three vista roof heights: 12”, 16” and 20”.



The Typhoon® chassis boasts the same proven roll-cage cab design as all E-ONE custom chassis but, through pre-engineered models and options, offers an affordable custom chassis for budget-conscious departments. The Typhoon offers three cab lengths, multiple seating configurations, various internal storage options, lighting packages and three vista roof heights. Engine choices encompass an impressive range of up to 450-HP with the 3000 series Allison transmission.